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A Real-Time Debriefing from Ukraine Expert Andrew Fesiak
A Real-Time Debriefing from Ukraine Expert Andrew Fesiak

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Andrew Fesiak is a journalist, a budding PhD in international relations, and long-time student of Russian-Ukrainian relations. He's been living in Ukraine with his family for decades and is traveling in and out of the country to report on events and assist in opposing Russian propaganda. As you'll hear/see, Andrew is among the premier and best-informed commentators on Ukraine.

In this episode we cover...

  • Ukraine's recent advance against Russia and prospects for continued success

  • The degradation of Russia's military equipment and combat effectiveness

  • Putin's mindset and likelihood of using nuclear weapons

  • The likely NATO response of a nuclear attack on Ukraine

  • Ukraine effective possession of nuclear weapons via its ability to attack nuclear plants in Russia * How the war will end?

  • Why Ukraine is insisting on freeing all its captured lands, including Crimea.

  • The need for security guarantees via Ukraine's inclusion in NATO

  • The potential for Ukraine to acquire a nuclear bomb after the war and develop its own ICBM based on those it built for Russia

Economic Matters - The podcast is hosted by Laurence Kotlikoff and moderated by Alex Kotlikoff.

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