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Edward Leamer, One of the World's Most Impressive Economists, Talks Recession, International Economics, and Economists' Misuse of Data

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Larry Kotlikoff
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Ed Leamer is my close friend and one of the deepest and most provocative economists I know. Ed's written five outstanding professional books and has published a slew of articles in economics' leading journals. Ed's also the brother of the famous author, Larry Leamer, whose podcast will appear in a couple of days! 

Ed's economics career started as an Assistant Professor at Harvard. I met him there as a first-year grad student. Ed then moved to UCLA, which prompted me to take a postdoc there. We've been close buddies for 50 years. When I ran for President as a write-in candidate in 2016, I asked Ed to join as my running mate.  He instantly accepted and we produced a platform that is, in my opinion, far better than any current presidential candidate is pushing. Do check out this terrific podcast. Here's Ed's formal bio.

Edward Emory Leamer (born May 24, 1944) is a professor of economics and statistics at UCLA. He is Chauncey J. Medberry Professor of Management and director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast. He attended Princeton (B.A., mathematics, 1966) and the University of Michigan (M.A., mathematics, Ph.D., economics, 1970). Leamer is the author of 4 books and over 100 articles on a range of subjects especially including applied econometrics and quantitative international economics. Leamer was the vice presidential nominee on Laurence Kotlikoff's independent ticket in the 2016 US presidential election. Leamer is known amongst economists for his paper "Let's Take the Con Out of Econometrics", widely referred to as Leamer's critique, which is said to have catalyzed the implementation of more rigorous research designs in the economic sciences.

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