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Inside the Innovation of Mask Zero with Entrepreneur Adam Pener

Inside the Innovation of Mask Zero with Entrepreneur Adam Pener

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This is a fascinating podcast about a fascinating person with a fascinating new product -- a product that could well have saved millions worldwide had it been available during COVID. But it's also a podcast about our country's singular comparative advantage -- the ability to take a dream, mold it into an idea, recruit the perfect team, excite investors, build an unheard-of device, test it, redesign it, retest it, ..., and then enter the FDA's still ongoing rigorous approval process. 

The product is Mask Zero. As Adam shows and tells, it's not just built to shield our troops, our medical personnel, our troops, and all the rest of us from pathogens. It's also designed to kill pathogens as the air entering the mask reaches its wearer. 

In This Episode:

I talk with Adam Pener, a serial entrepreneur and visionary in medical device innovation. Adam's work spans multiple industries, including advanced security and emission reduction technologies. His latest groundbreaking project, Mask Zero, is set to revolutionize pandemic preparedness with the development of a cutting-edge, FDA-compliant mask that integrates UV light technology to neutralize pathogens. With patents already secured and significant advancements in both technology and regulatory approval, Adam's insights provide a rare glimpse into the high-stakes world of medical device innovation.

Topics Covered:

  • Navigating the FDA Approval Process

  • Strategic Hiring and Expertise Utilization

  • Market Potential and Execution

  • Future Plans and Technological Enhancements

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Larry Kotlikoff and Adam Penner discuss entrepreneurship.

  • 05:46 Serial entrepreneur focuses on revolutionary green technology.

  • 07:33 Working with government consulting, not officially within government.

  • 12:13 UVC technology adapted for wearable PPE device.

  • 15:50 Lightweight, comfortable seal for extended wear.

  • 16:48 UVC lights kill virus, create air purification.

  • 20:55 UVC testing successful, company progressing in 2023.

  • 25:21 Navigating FDA process without long-term connections.

  • 26:35 Finding confidence and success in anxious adventure.

  • 31:14 $30,000 decision led to FDA recognition.

  • 33:01 High praise for Tasha's leadership and trust.

  • 39:02 Series A funding plan for technology company.

  • 41:14 Plan to produce and market medical technology.

  • 45:44 Roger predicts easier and cheaper viral attack.

  • 46:53 Lessons in entrepreneurship and making connections matter.

In this episode, you will gain valuable insights into the intricate process of bringing an innovative medical device to market, the importance of strategic expertise in overcoming regulatory hurdles, and the vision required to execute and capitalize on market opportunities. Adam Penner's journey underscores the transformative potential of focused innovation backed by determined execution.


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Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff
Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff Podcast
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