May 16 • 57M

Is this 2008 All Over Again? Two Wall Street Insiders Talk Turkey About Today's and Yesterday's Banking Crisis/Crises

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Larry Kotlikoff
Economics can make a massive difference - collectively and personally. Listen in as we chat with some of the most influential leaders in economics across the globe.
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Economics Matters -- the Podcast is pleased to present a deep dive into our current and past financial crises with two of Wall Street's most knowledgeable, insider players -- Joe Pimbley and Doug Lucas. Be prepared. The picture they paint isn't pretty, but it's one we all need to hear.

Joe served as a lead investigator for the Examiner appointed by the Lehman bankruptcy court to resolve numerous issues pertaining to history’s largest bankruptcy. When the court chose Joe, it chose well. Joe holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, the author of three books and more than seventy articles on finance. Joe is an expert on complex financial instruments, financial risk management, valuation, structured products, derivatives, banking, securities trading, investment analysis, quantitative algorithms, and numerical coding in several languages. Joe is Principal of Maxwell Consulting, a firm he founded in 2010, and also Editor of the Journal of Derivatives.  

Doug Lucas is retired. But not really. He's actively publishing the stories of finance professionals on Stories. Finance, fund-raises to stage George Balanchine’s seldom-performed ballets (see, and undertakes consulting engagements. Doug was head of CLO and CDO Research at UBS, 2002-08, and voted #1 in Institutional Investor’s fixed income research poll. He published 125 issues of CDO Insight and was lead author of two books published by Frank Fabozzi and John Wiley. He had a ringside seat to the financial crisis as his trading floor lost $45 billion in 2007-08.

Economic Matters - The podcast is hosted by Laurence Kotlikoff and moderated by Alex Kotlikoff.

Laurence Kotlikoff is a Boston University Economist, a NY Times Best Selling Author, President of, and Author of Money Magic.

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