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Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff Podcast
Jerry Bergosh on the real Gold Rush: Investments Beyond Bitcoin

Jerry Bergosh on the real Gold Rush: Investments Beyond Bitcoin

Jerry Bergosh is not a top mining CEO. He's a semi-retired geologist who translated his degree in geology into a successful consulting career leading to the formation of his own mining company. What did his company mine? It wasn't exotic minerals. It was sand -- sand for children's sandboxes. This podcast provides a great introduction into the economics of mining, but more importantly how one can help opportunity come one's way. Please listen and share!

In This Episode:

I speak with Jerry Bergosh, an established authority in the field of geology with a rich background in mining and geological analysis. After working with various companies, Jerry founded his own geological analysis lab. In his career, he shifted from corporate geology to entrepreneurial ventures, which notably includes creating a thriving business that manufactured dustless sand, capitalizing on his geological expertise and turning an initial setback into a success.

With years of hands-on experience and his return to mining prospecting, Jerry's journey offers invaluable insights into the practical and economic challenges of the mining industry.

Discussion Topics:

  • Investment in Tangible Assets

  • Entrepreneurship in Niche Markets

  • Mining and the Economy

  • Risk Management and Financial Decisions


00:00 Discussing various segments of the economy in podcasts.

03:26 Jerry worked in Nevada, then started his lab.

07:45 Utah: "treasure house of the nation", natural resources.

10:41 Two types of gold deposits and miners.

14:08 Mining claims easier on private or state land.

18:05 File mining claim within 90 days.

20:18 Small-scale gold mining is akin to hobby.

25:16 Gold and bitcoin have value as stores.

29:35 Dustless sand wins award at Kids Fair.

32:25 Research discovers need for dustless sand in schools.

36:35 Rise of competition in beach sand business.

38:50 Work tailored to western US weather, logistics.

43:20 Geology business demands risk; cautious with finances.

46:47 The impact of automation on jobs and economy.

49:04 Laptop replaces big computer, programmers less needed.

This episode gives a rich understanding of the real-world implications of geology and mining on the economy, as well as practical wisdom on investment, business development, and economic self-sufficiency.

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Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff
Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff Podcast
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