Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff
Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff Podcast
Rabbi Howard Bogot, a Premier Jewish Educator, Talks Education and Much More with Underlying Economic Lessons for All

Rabbi Howard Bogot, a Premier Jewish Educator, Talks Education and Much More with Underlying Economic Lessons for All

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Rabbi Bogot is my lifelong friend. We met when I was eight. Rabbi Bogot is nominally in his 80s, but going on 40. He has an extraordinary career, which includes serving as Director of Education for the Union of Reform Judaism. Reform Judaism is, by far, the dominant affiliation of American Jews. Hence, Rabbi Bogot is responsible for having guided the Jewish education of tens of millions of children, past and present. He is, as you'll hear/see, a brilliant educator, full of wit, humor, kindness, knowledge, and wisdom. Like most people who go into the clergy, Rabbi Bogot is a true Mensch -- the highest term of praise anyone can extend to a Jew.

What does a podcast with a Rabbi have to do with economics? Everything. The secrets to American progress is education, creativity, opportunity, and teamwork. Of the four, education is the lynchpin. Unfortunately, the quality of K-12 American education has been declining throughout the postwar. Listen to this podcast to learn how a world-class educator educates. Listen to the way he talks as much as what he says. There is as much magic in the medium as the message.

I wish every American child could personally learn from Rabbi Bogot. Actually, they can. I list below Howie's 14 books. Their titles suggest they are meant to be read by Jews. Actually, they were written for non Jews to learn the Jewish perspective on managing our lives humanely. This includes our economic lives. These days and for the course of his "retirement," Rabbi Bogot teaches (has taught) classes to college students from every corner of the world about Jewish values and their connection to and differences with those of other cultures and religious orientations. Of course, one of the most fundamental of Jewish values -- the unwritten 11th Commandment -- is Educate Thy Children.

Here's a bio in brief that summarizes Rabbi Bogot's education, accomplishments, books, and research focus. In addition to all else, he is the consummate scholar. His pedagogy combines insights from many disciplines and schools of thought, including philosophy, social work, mindfullness, psychology, comparative religion, Jewish studies, and much more.


D.D. Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, OH

Graduate Certificates in Social Work, Hunter College, New York City, NY

M.Ed , University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

M.A.H.L , Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnat,OH

B.H.L., Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, OH

B.S. (Education), Lewis University, Evanston, IL


Rabbi Bogot's research is primarily devoted to the concept of Kedushah (uniqueness) in biblical, early Judaism and rabbinic texts, classical and modern. These interests focus on those perennial values that inform Jewish identity development as well as the various God-ideas that reflect these core principles. Rabbi Bogot also explores the ways in which these core values, as expressed in classical Jewish texts, can and should help clarify contemporary issues that are experienced by students as they negotiate cultural and religious diversity.


Jewish Me: Traveling the Path of Jewish Mindfulness

Never Tell a Hermit Crab We Can’t Repair the World

My First Hundred Hebrew Words

Learn Hebrew Today

A Storyteller’s Jewishness

Welcome to the World of Torah

Parents are Teachers Too

The Aleph-Bet of Jewish Values

To See the World Through Jewish Eyes

Shalom, Salaam, Peace

Children’s (Family) Haggadah

Seder With Animals

Gates of Awe

Gates of Wonder


Professor, Immigrant Teachers of Jewish Thought, Beit Beryl, Israel

Director of Religious Education, Union for Reform Judaism, NYC

Assistant Professor and Administrator, Gratz College, Philadelphia

Mentor, Penn Literacy Network, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

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