Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff
Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff Podcast
Rescuing Your Retirement with Larry

Rescuing Your Retirement with Larry

In this episode I discuss how you can rescue your retirement with a live walk through of the Maxifi Planner, developed by ⁠Economic Security Planning, Inc.⁠ Showing how the average person can almost double their pre- and post-retirement living standard and do so with no risk. Every household is different. But this podcast will show you the money magic that economics-based planning software can deliver and give you ideas of how you can rescue your own retirement.

Topics Covered:

Impact of Financial Decisions on Retirement

A comprehensive walk through of the Maxifi Planner Software

Optimizing Social Security Benefits

A Real-Life Case Study

Time Stamps:
00:00 Underutilized tax-saving programs lead to retirement shortfall.
03:40 Retirement account reliance, Social Security concerns, solutions.
08:41 Economic security planning challenges traditional financial advice.
12:37 Retirement age assumption: plan for age 100.
14:59 Maxifi planner protects against unexpected expenses, offers resources.
17:54 Case demonstrating need for retirement rescue plan.
23:38 Market drops in historical recessions, plan safely.
25:37 Plan for living to 100 with spending adjustments.
31:22 Household living standard analysis shows consistent spending.
36:35 Maximize retirement benefits, optimization of annuities.
38:05 Consider lifestyle changes to increase future income.
43:15 People are paying more taxes due to work.
47:14 Financial decisions in retirement: expenses, location, and planning.
48:39 Plan for discretionary spending, taxes, and saving.
52:36 Plan for financial security with customizable software.

Join us in this episode to demystify retirement planning with actionable insights and advanced financial tools, ensuring you can take proactive steps towards securing your financial future.


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Economic Matters - The podcast is hosted by Laurence Kotlikoff,  a Boston University Economist, a NY Times Best Selling Author, President of, and Author of Money Magic.

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