Sep 15, 2022 • 50M

Sebastian Mallaby: Today's major geopolitical challenges

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Larry Kotlikoff
Economics can make a massive difference - collectively and personally. Listen in as we chat with some of the most influential leaders in economics across the globe.
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Sebastian Mallaby is a Global Treasure. A Premier Columnist for the Washington Post, Incisive Author, and Council of Foreign Relations Senior Fellow, Sebastian discusses today's major geopolitical challenges and his new book - The Power Law - Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future.

In this episode we cover...

  • Will Putin Use Nukes in Ukraine?

  • Europe's Energy Crisis, Inflation, and Potential Recession

  • FED and ECB Interest Rate Policies

  • Will Interest Hikes Bury Italy

  • China's Likely Invasion of Taiwan and the US Response

  • Venture Capital -- Today's Technological Super Spreaders

Economic Matters - The podcast is hosted by Laurence Kotlikoff and moderated by Alex Kotlikoff.

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