Jun 30 • 37M

Steve Laffey, Republican Presidential Candidate, Discusses How to Fix Social Security for Real from the Bottom Up

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Larry Kotlikoff
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I'm Steve Laffey's economic advisor. Since appearing on Economics Matters -- the Podcast, Steve's been garnering a huge amount of media attention. He's appeared on or has been covered by Good Morning America, CNBC, ABC News, NewsMax and many other outlets.

In this podcast, Steve and I lay out a plan to fix Social Security from the ground up. Our plan is to freeze the current system, paying off, through time every penny owed to current retirees and current workers, and switch to the Personal Security System. This plan is not a standard Republican -- "Let's Make Wall Street Rich" initiative. Wall Street plays no role and collects not a penny. All investments of worker's personal contributions are collectively invested with a government guaranteed return. The plan is fully funded and is highly progressive, with Uncle Sam making contributions on behalf of the poor, the disabled, and the unemployed.

Check out SteveLaffey.com and contribute. He's the real deal, trust me.

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Laurence Kotlikoff is a Boston University Economist, a NY Times Best Selling Author, President of maxifi.com, and Author of Money Magic.

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