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The Economics of Filmmaking with Screen Writer, Director, and Producer -- Harris Goldberg

The Economics of Filmmaking with Screen Writer, Director, and Producer -- Harris Goldberg

Economics Matters -- the Podcast covers all things economics. Filmmaking is one of America's major industries. I'm delighted we have a master filmmaker, Harris Goldberg, to discuss the his career, his writing process, the industry, and the industry's evolution. This is a simply fascinating interview. Here's Harris' bio: 

Harris Goldberg started writing and directing in Canada. He is a dual citizen of the U.S.  As a kid, Harris was an exceptional tennis player. By 18 he was ranked number 2 in Canada. But after spending a year on the circuit, he concluded that that was not his life's work after John McEnroe beat him 6-1, 6-0. Goldberg’s next move was to follow in his older brother, Dan's, footsteps. Dan had attained success writing and producing STRIPES and MEATBALLS (and many prominent films thereafter). 

Harris moved to Los Angeles in 1990 where he sold his first screenplay within a week. He was signed to The William Morris Agency.  Goldberg wrote the award winning, A STEP TOWARD TOMORROW. Premiering to rave reviews, the CBS film marked a touching and memorable performance by CHRISTOPHER REEVE, his first acting role after his tragic horseback riding accident. From there came a multi-picture deal at DISNEY. Goldberg became friends with SNL alumni, Rob Schneider, where the two did a series of stand-up performances, including co-hosting THE MONTREAL COMEDY FESTIVAL and a memorable appearance on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN where Goldberg and Schneider performed their satirical BLUE MAN ASS GROUP. 

Goldberg went onto write and co-produce DEUCE BIGALOW; MALE GIGOLO for Adam Sandler's HAPPY MADISON Single 2. From there Goldberg partnered with DANA CARVEY where he wrote and co-produced THE MASTER OF DISGUISE for Sony Pictures. WITHOUT A PADDLE followed for Paramount starring SETH GREEN, MATTHEW LILLARD & DAX SHEPHERD. 

Goldberg crossed over to television during this period writing pilots for HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, TNT, WB and USA. He wrote and directed the feature film “NUMB.” The picture starred MATTHEW PERRY, MARY STEENBURGEN, KEVIN POLLAK AND LYNN COLLINS. Goldberg locked his next directorial effort with “ALEX & THE LIST” starring PATRICK FUGIT, JENNIFER MORRISON, KAREN GILLAN, AARON STATON, EDDIE KAYE THOMAS, JOBETH WILLIAMS AND VICTORIA TENNANT. 

He created the hour drama, “The Five O’ Clock Shadow,” for ITV and the producers of the “SHERLOCK” in the UK. He wrote and set up his next directorial feature, the action/thriller “QUICK DRAW,” starring COMMON for Lorenzo Di Bonaventura @ Paramount. Miramax came on board to produce Goldberg’s sci-fi thriller “ABILENE.” 

He is currently writing/directing two Canadian co-productions. Between projects, he’s also a visiting professor of writing and directing at UCLA and McMaster University. 

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Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff
Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff Podcast
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