Sep 7, 2022 • 54M

Eytan Sheshinski and Yuval Steinitz: The Middle East, Iran, the Energy Crisis, and More

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Larry Kotlikoff
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Today we meet with Eytan Sheshinski, one of Israel’s premier economists, who designed Israel's policy governing the Leviathan gas field, and Yuval Steinitz, former Israeli Minister of Finance, former long-time member of the Knesset, and one of Israel's top security experts.

Join us as we cover the following questions and more on Episode No. 3

  • Is Iran on the verge of producing a nuclear weapon?

  • If Iran gets the bomb, will Saudia Arabia, Eqypt, Syria, and others follow?

  • Can Israel be a substantial supplier of gas to Europe?

  • Where is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict heading?

  • Where do relations stand between Israel and China and Israel and India?

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