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Update on Israel and the Middle East with Israel's Distinguished Economist -- Eytan Sheshinski

Update on Israel and the Middle East with Israel's Distinguished Economist -- Eytan Sheshinski

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Eytan Sheshinski to discuss current developments in Israeli politics, national and international. Eytan first appeared on Economics Matters -- the Podcast with former Israeli Finance Minister, Yuval Steinitz, to discuss Iran and Israel's development of its Leviathan gas field.

Israel has many very famous economists. Eytan Sheshinski is my favorite. He straddles three worlds -- academic economics, business, and policy reform. He's done outstanding work in public finance, natural resource economics, growth economics, optimal taxation, social insurance, behavioral economics, bounded ratioinality, and the economics of longevity insurance. 

Eytan has served as chairman of the Board of Koor Industries. And he is the author of what Israelis call Sheshinski I and Sheshinski II. These are laws governing extraction of Israel's Mediterranean gas reserves and the extraction and environmental preservation of Israel's mineral rights in The Dead Sea. It's rare to have laws named after an economist. But Eytan is a household name in Israel due to his decades-long influence in policy discussions. 

Sheshinski has been a Visiting Professor at Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, California (Berkley), MIT,Brown and other Universities. He served on editorial boards of leading economic journals. Sheshinski is a member of the American Academy, the Royal Swedish Academy and a Fellow of the Econometric Society. He received number of prizes and has a doctor Honoris-Causa from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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