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Update on Ukraine with Ukrainian Journalist and International Relations Expert, Andrew Fesiak

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Larry Kotlikoff
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We're coming up on a terrible anniversary -- February 24, 2022, the beginning of Putin's savage invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the Ukrainian people have beaten back Putin with courage, ingenuity, foreign military assistance, and enormous personal sacrifice. Most military aid is coming, now in the form of tanks and other armored vehicles as well as Patriot Missiles and other air defense systems. But will it come in time?

Economics Matters -- the Podcast is proud to present a fabled (certainly to us) Ukrainian journalist and long-time student of Russian-Ukrainian relations, Andrew Fesiak, to discuss the current military and political situation. Andrew spoke to our podcast in October when the situation was even more dire. But, as Andew makes clear, it remains extremely dangerous notwithstanding evidence that Putin's capacity to wage war may be declining -- in terms of military equipment and ammunition. 

As you'll see/hear, Andew's overriding message is Come Now, Not When It's Too Late. Delay Just Encourages Russia to Continue the war and give them more time to commit atrocities. Nothing but the complete liberation of all Ukrainian land, including Crimea, will teach Russia and, for that matter, China, that aggression doesn't pay. 

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