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When Women Control the Wealth -- a Conversation with Retirement Security Savant, David Macchia

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According to a recent McKinsey study, women will hold $30 trillion, the bulk of U.S. household wealth. David Macchia is is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and marketing communications expert whose work is focused on improving Americans’ retirement security. He is a renowned figure in the field of retirement income planning. Of late he's been laser-focused on the transference of wealth ownership, management, and investment that will likely arise when women take fare more control of household wealth. 

Here's David's bio. Please do listen to this fascinating podcast about the demographic-based empowerment of women in the financial market -- as suppliers as well as demanders of financial services. 

David is founder of Wealth2k Inc, the nation’s leading provider of advisor-centric income planning solutions. He is the creative force behind the popular, Income for Life Model®, as well as Women & Income®, the first retirement income solution developed expressly for “boomer” women. David writes frequently about retirement income planning and macroeconomics. His articles have appeared in numerous publications including Advisor Perspectives, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Research Magazine, Retirement Income Journal, Think Advisor, Financial Advisor Magazine, Insurance News Net, and Retirement Investor. He is the author of two consumer finance books, Lucky Retiree and Constrained Investor: How to Avoid a Devastated Retirement. 

A seasoned public speaker, David has delivered hundreds of seminars and keynote presentations for organizations including the Financial Planning Association, Retirement Income Industry Association, Pershing, Bank Insurance and Securities Association, National Association for Fixed Annuities, LIMRA, Strategic Retirement Institute, and the Insured Retirement Institute. David is a fearless advocate for women’s retirement security Through his writing, lectures, and podcast appearances, he has called for changes in the ways that the wealth management industry communicates with and serves female investors.

David earned an MBA, with Honors, from Boston University Questrom School of Business. He holds the RMA and CBBP professional designations.

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