With all due respect, I think you are missing the key point. You can use AI to produce driverless cars, but if you teach them that driving off the road is best, you'll end up dead. It's not just that AI is an algorithm that can't make hyper-precise calculations -- calculations needed in personal finance. It's that its Wall Street trainers are already and will continue to train it to drive off the road -- all to their benefit. best, Larry

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I understand and agree with the arguments. But I'm reluctant to share with those to whom I provide informal financial advice because of the typos. I suggest engaging a copy editor will help enhance long term credibility.

- Tens of thousands of DYI [DIY?] households

- How much to do what [do you want?] to spend in retirement?

- and, if they rent [own?], the terms of their mortgage

- even the ad: “25 Mins from Stove [Stowe?], Vt

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If I’m asked the same question my answer will be in two phases. Short and long term, meaning now and in the future. Now No, AI is just functional and not reliable but in the future Yes.

AI can enhance finance by providing data-driven insights and automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and decision-making.

However, it also raises concerns about algorithmic bias and the potential for overreliance on technology, necessitating careful integration with human expertise to ensure responsible and effective implementation.

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