Is Riley still around? I'm sure he would back your platform. As a retiree who collected benefits before I used Maximize Social Security I have been stymied for ten years trying to deal with earnings and the Rude taxation our 3rd from the bottom retirement system imposes. Looking forward to reading your booklist instead of letting the media hamster cage my intellect. Very progressive ideas. Other then Warren, who in our congress might even grasp the relevence?

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The subject line says 15 ideas, but right before they start it says "20 bipartisan reforms" and then the title is "Twenty Bipartisan Ways".

Number 7 uses "interest" when it probably means "internet".

The title for Number 15 is not in bold.

In Number 6, you say "likely more than pay for itself". That seems weak. An economist should be able to quantify whether it will or will not.

In Number 12, "favored by virtually most ... experts" Not most, but almost most? I think that is called "many".

You say you are 69, or maybe were. But your wife married you last year? Didn't want to rush into it did you?

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