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Larry, please have someone check your audio level on your podcasts. It's way too low, and then when the guest comes on it's very loud. Also, please allow the guest to have more air-time than yourself. The podcast with Julie didn't really allow for her to express her positions and her book. Most of the time was taken by you and your slow monotone observations of her responses. I had to stop listening due to extreme frustration. You were trying to get her to agree that her methods were similar yours and the concept behind the MaxiFi Planner, and they weren't. She takes a very different approach.

I will be getting her book so I can get a better understanding of her investing styles. I will not be listening to any future podcasts, as they're too painful. I apologize for the harshness, but it has to be said.

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Investment advisors are sales people, right? Do they have a fiduciary responsibility to their customers? She does give good advice on customers that ask if she can "beat the market".. Of course that is the wrong question. Safety always matters.

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