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Live from Ukraine - Andrew Fesiak Provides a Post-Mutiny Update on Ukraine, the Counter Offensive, and Putin's Longevity

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Andrew Fesiak is Senior Consultant at Black Trident Defense and Security Group. He's an expert on Ukrainian and Russian relations, politics, history, culture, and the ongoing war. He's lived in Ukraine for decades since emigrating from Canada. His grandparents and parents were Ukrainian. He lost many relatives due to the Nazi occupation of the country. This is Andrew's third appearance on Economics Matters -- the Podcast.

Please listen to hear the latest insights from one of the top analysts and reporters on what's really happening with the counter offensive and the implications of Prigozhin's attempted coup. You'll come away, as did I, with the conviction that the Ukrainian view the war as a fight to the end, including recapturing every inch of their territory.

They have courage and backbone that our leaders could desperately use. The longer we wait to supply Ukraine with F16s and other equipment needed to support that embattled country, the longer we wait to admit Ukraine to the EU, the longer we wait to bring Ukraine into NATO, the longer the war will continue -- with more deaths of young Ukrainians and Russians -- all to sustain the delusions of a psychopathic madman.

As we learned in Vietnam, determined people will fight for their independence no matter the cost. Ukraine is England during the BlitzKrieg. It's President Biden's time to continue to act like Churchill, to stop dithering, and immediately give the Ukrainians all the equipment they need.

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