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So let's talk about the overall history of Social security Insurance. It was first created by the king of Denmark 1850's and he gave half his fortune to fund it. It was copied hear in the USA by an extended member of his family the president of the United States SSI is a co op Insurance company that dose belong to the people of the USA it is not a governmental agency. The entity that the administration of SSI should be collecting monies from should be the federal government as the Fed's did violate the Social Security Act and did tamper with the act its self the federal governmental machinery was forever forbidden to touch said monies that was held by SSI but yet did in the administration of Regan it is a crime to violate an act of congress in any shape or form because acts of congress are constitutional law and the federal courts has ruled forbidden is just that and the legislative bodies do not have the political power and authority to overthrow constitutional law as the moral majority simply rules only having a simple authority to act that is on loan from the true sovereigns it is given by principal alone and is revokeable by principal alone the constitution dose rule Supreme and the people are the final word the people are the true sovereigns as labeled by the Supreme Court federal in USA vs Lee the no one is above the law ruling and the moral majority was labeled creatures of law. This is a subject WE the people must address not only in context to SSI but the unlawful acts committed in any of the branches of the governmental machinery of this nation federal and state

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