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Great interview with Professor Mankiw... You are clearly plugged into the economic community and get interviews with key figures in the community. Not the least of which is the Professor that put Samuelson to an "early grave". Well done and much appreciated.

While i may not always share your views on economic theory i greatly respect your integrity. In this interview you asked tough questions that show you are not trying to be a partisan.

1. You asked the big question. Why did M2 increase in 2008 and 2014 with out creating higher inflation and yet when it increased in 2021 inflation went up. Prof Mankiw, as I would predict, never actually answered the question as Larry Summers would have instructed him.

2. As an economist you asked him, would he negotiate a Peace with Russia and Ukraine. And again he demurred. Again predictable. He is clearly a pupil of Larry Summers.

3. A bit stunned you talked about Fed members feelings about their Chipotle yet did not get deep on the effects Markups have on inflation. Given the growing body of research on it I would think that would be an area ripe for discussion.

In my view you asked two very brave and insightful questions. And avoided one big one.

I would love to be invited to the next Zoom call if possible.

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