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George Kinder, the Father of Life Planning, Brings Buddhism, Mindfulness, and Self Evaluation to Personal Finance

George Kinder, the Father of Life Planning, Brings Buddhism, Mindfulness, and Self Evaluation to Personal Finance


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George Kinder is an absolutely wonderful person with a unique, philosophical approach to personal finance. He puts the horse before the cart -- self awareness before personal financial decisions. George and I had a delightful discussion about his fantastic career and how he approaches life-planning -- a method of financial planning that he has taught to thousands of financial advisers across the world. 

Here's George's extraordinary bio. 

Author, international thought leader, and life-planning pioneer George Kinder has been at the forefront of the financial services industry for more than 35 years, spearheading a movement to put the lives that clients desire to live at the center of their financial plans. Through books, workshops, and speaking engagements, George has trained thousands of professionals globally in the field of financial life planning. After 30 years as a practicing financial planner and tax adviser, he founded the Kinder Institute of Life Planning in 2003. His three books on money, The Seven Stages of Money Maturity (1999), Lighting the Torch (2006), and Life Planning for You (2014), are considered foundational and essential works in the field of financial life planning, for both professionals and consumers.

George’s client-centered and values-driven money-management philosophies challenge many unexamined assumptions in economics, our approaches to democracy, and our knowledge of our own hearts. He is known for his dynamic presentation skills and “outside-the box” thinking, and inspires audiences everywhere to discover, design, and deliver their greatest values into their lives.

A graduate of Harvard University, George earned the Bronze Medal in Massachusetts on the National Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in 1975 and soon after started his own tax practice in Cambridge, MA. In 1994, he co-founded “The Nazrudin Project,” an influential think tank of national financial advisers dedicated to exploring the human and spiritual aspects of money and personal finance. In 2000, Investment Advisor Magazine awarded him its Portfolio Management Award, which is given to those who have “contributed significantly to the art and science of portfolio management.”

A mindfulness teacher and artist, George’s thought leadership extends beyond finance as reflected in his books of poetry and photography, as well as books on mindfulness and civilization. He has taught mindfulness for 35 years, now to a global community. To learn more about George’s creative projects, visit George resides in Massachusetts and spends several months per year in London and in Hana, Hawaii.

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