Sitemap - 2023 - Economics Matters by Laurence Kotlikoff

Talking Argentina's Dollarization and South America's Economic Malaise with Chile's former President, Sebastian Piñera, and Argentina's former Economics Minister, Domingo Cavallo

Argentine Dollarization Is a Great Idea, but It Requires Limited Purpose Banking to Work

My Unbelievable Conversation with Social Security

Social Security Horror Stories -- Contents and Introduction

The IRMAA Tax -- Hidden, Nasty, Retroactive. Everything You Need to Do from the Creators of IRMAA Certified Planner

The Financial Riddler 11-12-23

Was Social Security's Software Hacked? And Was It Hacked in 2022?

Talking Social Security Horror Stories with Terry Savage and How to Protect Yourself from the System

Please Watch 60 Minutes Tonight. I'm on with Terry Savage Discussing Social Security's Super Scary Clawbacks.

Talking Global Fiscal Policy with the IMF's Director of Fiscal Affairs -- Vitor Gaspar

When Economists Take Leave of the Facts

Gene Steuerle -- One of Our Country's Top Economists Discusses Our Nation's Dire Fiscal Condition and Salvation

Is Social Security’s Website Suddenly Saying the System Owes You Far Less?

Is Our Next Banking Crisis Here?

The Financial Riddler 10-16-23

Biden Has Been Running Surpluses, Not Deficits

Rabbi Howard Bogot, a Premier Jewish Educator, Talks Education and Much More with Underlying Economic Lessons for All

RSBs Can Rescue Our Retirements

The Financial Riddler 9-20-23

Comparing MaxiFi Planner with New Retirement

MIT's Superb Economist, Amy Finkelstein, Discusses her Co-Authored New Book -- We've Got You Covered: Rebooting American Health Care

A No Labels Contingent Presidential Candidate

A PS and an Opps. I Just Sent an Article that Left out a Chart. The Corrected Version is at:

The US Capital Glut and Other Myths

George Kinder, the Father of Life Planning, Brings Buddhism, Mindfulness, and Self Evaluation to Personal Finance

The Financial Riddler 8-28-23

The Rebitzer Twins -- James and Robert -- Brilliantly Dissect Why Americans Pay So Much for Health Care and Get so Little

A New Study Confirms: Conventional Financial Planning Is Worse Than We Think

Investing on Wall Street for the Rich -- Lessons for the Rest of Us from Jonathan Treussard

A Riveting Conversation With Laurence Leamer - a Five-Time Best Selling Author

Why QLACs May Be a Very Bad Bet

The Financial Riddler 7/24/23

Does Casino Gambling Beat Crypto Investing?

Edward Leamer, One of the World's Most Impressive Economists, Talks Recession, International Economics, and Economists' Misuse of Data

Talking Poetry, Life, NJ, and Even Economics with Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky!

Sebastian Edwards -- One of the World's Top International Economists Surveys Latin American Economies and Discusses His New Book on Chile and the Chicago Boys

When Women Control the Wealth -- a Conversation with Retirement Security Savant, David Macchia

Wade Pfau - One of the Top Thinkers in Retirement Planning Discusses the Dangers of Conventional Monte Carlo and His Take On Achieving a Financially Successful Retirement

Economics-Based vs Conventional Financial Planning

Is China Supplanting the U.S. in the Middle East? Hani Findaky, One of the World's Smartest and Most Connected Experts, Discusses China's Emerging Hegemony

The Financial Riddler 7-3-23

Steve Laffey, Republican Presidential Candidate, Discusses How to Fix the Banks for Real with Limited Purpose Banking

Economics Can Deliver Money Magic

Steve Laffey, Republican Presidential Candidate, Discusses How to Fix Social Security for Real from the Bottom Up

Updated Podcast: David Blanchett, one of the Top Financial Planning Gurus in the Industry, and Larry Compare Economics-Based and Conventional Financial Planning

David Blanchett, one of the Top Financial Planning Gurus in the Industry, and Larry Compare Economics-Based and Conventional Financial Planning

The Personal Security System – Fundamental Social Security Reform

Live from Ukraine - Andrew Fesiak Provides a Post-Mutiny Update on Ukraine, the Counter Offensive, and Putin's Longevity

Affirmative Action in College Admissions and Other Key National Issues with Glenn Loury

Talking Geopolitics and Global Demographics with Camilla Cavendish

The Financial Riddler -- 6-22-23

Lock Him Up!

Comparing Maxifi Economics Based Planning and Conventional Financial Planning with Rob Berger

Congress Is Sitting Back While Social Security Is Trying To Starve People To Death And Is Likely Succeeding

Mr. Target Date Solutions, Ron Surz, Talks the Pros and Cons of Target Date Investing

Reflections on "the Debt" Deal

Finally, a Republican Candidate Calls Out Trump, CNN, and, St Anselm College

The Financial Riddler -- 5/28/23

How Much Should You Be Saving?

Update on Israel and the Middle East with Israel's Distinguished Economist -- Eytan Sheshinski

Is this 2008 All Over Again? Two Wall Street Insiders Talk Turkey About Today's and Yesterday's Banking Crisis/Crises

The Financial Riddler 5-10-23

Rick Miller, America's leading Economics-Based Financial Planner, talks household personal finance

John Mauldin, America's Most Famous Financial Expert, Talks Economics, Finance, Banking, and More!

The Financial Riddler -- 5/1/23

Debt Default and a Banking Panic -- Take Cover!

Is International Trade Disintegrating? -- Uri Dadush's Latest Views

The Financial Riddler -- 4/23/23

Let Me Pay You to Do Financial Planning!

Is Social Security Keeping Disabled Workers From Collecting Delayed Retirement Credits?

Social Security’s Horrendous Financial Abuse

The Financial Riddler -- 4/14/23

Social Security Is Shortchanging Widows And Widowers

Consummate Journalist, Author, Historian, Environmentalist, and Social Activist -- John Wasik Discusses Our Past and Your Future

Fixing Our Fiscal Disasters in One Fell Swoop

Where's Our Economy Heading? Apollo's Brilliant Chief Economist, Torsten Slok, Holds Forth

Fixing Banking for Real

Steve Laffey Is Running for President for One Reason -- Your Kids!

The Financial Riddler -- 4/5/23

The Financial Riddler -- 3/27/2023

Investment Advice and Analysis from Fred Lane -- one of America's premier investors

Don't Let Social Security Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Lifetime Earnings

Limited Purpose Banking

Talking Retirement with Mr. Retirement -- America's Amazing Financial Journalist Robert Powell

Our Financial System Is Starting to Melt Down

Is Our Financial System About to Melt Down? A Discussion with Jonathan Treussard and Paul Solman

Is Our Financial System Starting To Melt Down?

Is Our Financial System Starting to Melt Down?

Why SVB's Failure Is Really Scary

The Financial Riddler 3-8-23

The Financial Riddler 3-5-23

“Off The Table” Puts Our Kids On The Hook

Being Updated -- Social Security Horror Stories

Putin's "Victory" -- A Chinese-Russian Mutual Defense Pact Against NATO's Invasion

The Financial Riddler -- 2/21/23

Paul Solman, PBS NewsHour's Fabled Economics Correspondent, Talks Economics

Every Social Security Recipient Should Live In Fear Of Having Past Benefits Clawed Back

The Financial Riddler -- 2/8/22

Steve Laffey, a Real Grownup, Is Running For President

Update on Ukraine with Ukrainian Journalist and International Relations Expert, Andrew Fesiak

The Financial Riddler -- 1/30/23

Talking About a Green Grid With Peter Fox-Penner

The Financial Riddler - 1/25/22

House Republicans -- Raise the Debt Limit, But Stick to Your Fiscal Guns. Our Country Is Dead Broke!

The Financial Riddler - 1/18/22

Scott Burns -- America's Premiere Personal Finance Journalist

Senator Phil Gramm Discusses His New Book, The Myth of American Inequality

The Washington Post Is Missing The Forest When It Comes To Social Security’s Massive Malfeasance

The Financial Riddler - 1/6/22

Talking Global and National Economics with Greg Mankiw -- Master of Both

Time for Democrats to Come to the Aid of their Countrymen

Kevin, Just Claim the Election Was Stolen and Declare Victory

The Financial Riddler - 1/1/22